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    I have decided to sell my near mint condition 2016 ES-175D. It sounds great, but the ergonomics of large bodied guitars are just not for me. I am a fair, honest seller with perfect feedback. If you are looking for a great 175, this is it at a very good price. Thank you!

    Please see my reverb ad here: Gibson 1959 ES-175D VOS 2016 Blonde | Matthew's Gear | Reverb


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    That's a very pretty Gibson ES-175!

    I haven't seen very many blonde 175s over the years.


    Steven Herron

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    Thank you!

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    These are about as good as it gets IMO. I have one identical to this (but from 2015) and absolutely love it. That’s a good price, also. Someone will get a good deal on a bucket list instrument.

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    Still available!

    Not interested in trades, but open to suggestions as there has not been much movement.

    Thank you!

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    Stunning blonde! GLWTS!

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    Lovely top on that one! Good luck with the sale.

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    Still available! Open to trades for equivalently valued tele

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    Welcome to the forum.
    This is a good place to advertise your guitar - lots of love for the ES-175 around here.
    These are really nice instruments, in my experience.
    Sorry that it doesn't fit you - my guess is that you find the body on the deep side?
    I see you are asking $2,799 on Reverb, and will entertain offers.
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    I’m a huge fan of this model and particularly a blonde. I really have to restrain myself from buying this as I already own one. I tell myself that 2 of the same is pointless. Please someone but this guitar. You will be very happy.