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    FOR SOME REASON CAN"T EDIT TITLE...See new pics and price below..REDUCED £2.2K

    This is a Slaman DS175 Convertible from 2008. 16", 2 3/8" approx rims, honduras mahog neck, carved top, laminated maple back, madagascar rosewood ( now banned) fingerboard. Not fully original; the soapbar P90 replaced with a HB, with no visible cosmetic change. Hardware and wiring upgraded; Grovers, ABM brass TOM bridge, ABM tailpiece. 243/4 scale. 2 way truss rod; straight neck, plecc'd frets with v little wear. Yellow pearl inlays. Removable internal block ( hence 'convertible'). Very low, fast action, great player. Some mild dings, lots of lacquer checking ( Slaman doesn't used plasticised lacquer). A big lacquer ding under the claw-type tailpiece, not easily visible but there; this could be filled with nitro and rubbed out. It looks played, but not abused.

    Despite the name, this is not a guitar that does proper 'thunk'. It's more Bernstein/ Dechter than Hall/Pass. For chord melody and L5-ish lines, it's excellent. The removable block gives great versatility. I'm not generally a fan of wooden bridges, but this particular guitar sounds very good with one. It has the signature Slaman tone, and good acoustic sound without the block in place.

    Asking £2,500, but I will consider close offers. This guitar needs to go ideally to a UK player, who would need to try it. Collection from W London. More pix, fuller details on request

    Edit....... apologies for poor quality of 2 'pics; better pics if any interest.
    Attached Images Attached Images Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-slaman-4-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-slaman-c-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-slaman-d-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-slaman-3-jpg 
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    Do you have any soundclips?

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    No, but I'll try and do a clip in the next day or two.

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    Here's a clip of Daniel playing a rather similar 161/4" HB model. It has a maple neck as opposed to mahogany, and is fuller depth, but the sound is generally in the ball park of the DS175. It's the only clip with a HB model that I can find. Bear in mind that Daniel wouldn't claim to be a jazz player; he's an ex- classical player, judging by the arps and scales. And # keys..

    I'm not sure vid or sound clips can tell you much though, there are so many variables. His clips tend to be very well recorded, for a workshop recording - after all, he's selling them. Usually he gets Axel Hagan ( my old gtr teacher) to demo the guitars.

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    More pics. Reduced to £2.2K OBO . I said this guitar sounds great with a wooden bridge, and it does! so the original Brazilian bridge is back on. See pix.
    Attached Images Attached Images Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-img_1136-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-img_1135-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-img_1133-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-img_1131-jpg Daniel Slaman DS175, UK. £2,500-img_1130-jpg