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    This has been my main guitar for the last 8 years. Definitely seen some use. Cool unique instrument made up here in the NW by somewhat famous builder Dave Bunker. Takes pedals well though.
    Has several cracks, one on the bottom of the left f-hole and two on the right one. Also has a gouge one the right side near the Jack.
    It's equipped with Seymour Duncan SH2s. Pickup selector may need to be replaced though is still mainly functional.

    I originally paid $1500
    asking 800+s/h.

    Please ask any questions.

    Bunker AT300-20190707_164817-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164841-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164901-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164848-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164913-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164925-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_164938-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_165019-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_120029-jpg
    Bunker AT300-20190707_120036-jpg
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