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    As title suggests, preferably in the UK for postage reasons.
    May be tempted by other arch tops.
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    Hello. Maybe you would be interested in this guitar. The guitar is located in Spain.

    Guitarra Jazz. Archtop. Luthier Laplante. de segunda mano por 3500 € en Cantabria | Guitarristas.info

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    Wow! That is a nice looking guitar, but over my budget I'm afraid.

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    Hi, would you be interested in this?
    It is in ?stanbul but I can help with shipping etc.

    Gibson 1960 ES-125 – Srv Music Store

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    What's your budget just out of interest.

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    Great Deals with Great Folks: max52 (Guild-Benedetto Artist Award); prickards (Ribbecke GC Halfling); Cincy2 (Comins Concert)

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    That looks great, but I have a 335 and I'm looking for more of a fatter archtop.

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    I'm currently looking at a couple of ES175s. One is a 1985 for £2200 and the other is a 1996 for £2100.
    I can't go much above that at the minute.
    I'm just seeing if there's anything else out there before I make the plunge.

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    Not bad prices for the UK these days, if in good playing shape.