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    well I just sold my l5 to get something cheaper due to my car dying but low and behold I've managed to get another which has been refinished and has no parts at a cheaper price.
    it has a l5 copy tailpiece and a 70s les Paul pickup in the neck so I don't know how it will sound but I'm after a pickguard with the two humbucker cut outs. Can anyone help?
    it doesn't have to be original and I'm after a tortoise one. I'm in the uk and there is one guy here that makes them to order but he wants £180 for one
    let me know if you can help, cheers Jonathan


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    PM me

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    PG-9815 Bound Pickguard for Gibson(R) L-5(R) Cutaway

    it’s fairly simple to route the pickup cutouts. Better to customize it to the exact measurements of your guitar. Often a precut guard will not line up perfectly with where your particular guitar’s pickups are.

    This particular part is very high quality.

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    Where are you based? It is better get a whole one and then cut out sections based on your own guitra as they are not guaranteed to be the same from guitar to guitar. I have one I have made with cutouts that are exactly to L5 pickguard dimensions but around 2 mm off on pickup spacing for my guitar!!! The binding on the top is not quite perfect but better than many replacements i have seen. It needs polishing. You can have it for free. If you want me to polish it up I will have to ask for a few quid as it is a pain in the arse to do!!!! I have another with no cut outs that also needs polishing but I would need your guitar to make the cutouts in exactly the right place.

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    Hi, that's a really nice gesture plastic pigeon. I'm sure that would be worth a few pounds to someone as the cheapest repro l5 pickguard was around 80 euros without shipping. I've managed to get hold of one for myself otherwise I would have snapped your hand off.
    im sure someone will want yours though and for free that's a hell of a good score.
    thanks for your response though and all the best, Jonathan