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    Awesome Gear...

    Adrien Moignard, the french jazz guitarist is selling his Gibson Johnny Smith. Wish I had the money...

    I saw him play this guitar several times on concert, it sounds as good as it looks.



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    Good grief.

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    A lessor guitar would have caved in under all that pressure. Not the Gibson Johnny Smith.
    I would safely say this guitar is broken in..
    Joe D

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    Fantastic! Fleet-fingered fret-fondling French fellow ferociously flouts fear, fashion; flaunts flash, fascinates fans forever. Formidable!
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    Best regards, k

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    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    An incredible guitarist playing an incredible guitar - what could be better!!

    Steven Herron

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    Holy Cow!

    How'd I miss this?