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    Hello folks,

    I have a lovingly-cared for Comins GCS-1 for sale on reverb. It's posted for $1400. (but see below)

    Bill Comins now lists them new at $1699.
    I've had this since 2014 in a smoke-free home.
    It's probably in a mint condition as I can't find any blemish or damages on it other than light scratches on the pick guard, but I listed it as "excellent" for the reverb posting. I would rather under promise and over deliver, rather than over promise and under deliver.

    I'm not quite sure how to price this guitar. So I will consider all offers. You can see I have a good rating on reverb.

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    The price is now reduced to $1350. Check out the list on reverb.

    Also available for local pickup in Temecula, CA, an hour north of San Diego.

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    These are great guitars, I love my GCS-1. GLWTS!

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    Hello folks, the price has been reduced to $1,300. I am also open to arranging the sale here in the forum instead of on Reverb.

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    Price is now reduced to $1,275. Thanks.

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    Sold. Thanks.