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    After 35 years of playing guitar and realizing I no longer have any fun doing it I've finally decided to hanging up my harp on the willows.
    I'm letting go of both all my guitars but 1 acoustic and the idea that I am a guitar player.
    (For those interested, all is not lost: I still play the humble Melodeon )

    Long intro, but more relevant: I'm selling my blond Ibanez GB10 from 2003.
    The guitar is so mint it deserves a mint+ and is indistinguishable from new!
    She plays and sounds as amazing as she looks.

    I bought it last year in a final and futile attempt to rekindle my passion for the guitar (after selling off a similar instrument with an original GB autograph that I didn't like).
    I am the second owner: the first one admittedly didn't play it much and neither did I in the end.

    The guitar comes with its original case (not mint, but still in ex+ condition).

    I'm asking €1500, which I think is very reasonable, so until desperation sets in not negotiable.
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    Some pictures:

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    That's a gorgeous Ibanez George Benson model - and it certainly does look brand new as you stated!

    Sorry to hear that you no longer have any fun playing guitar.

    I'm sure that your Ibanez will make somebody happy though!

    Steven Herron

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    That tail piece is crazy! I get the logic of splitting the wound and unwound strings ... just never saw anything like that.

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    Yes, some people claim you can vary tension with it and that it makes a difference to you sound, tightens upnthe bass and the like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    please mark your thread as sold
    I think I did that two posts ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pukka-J View Post
    I think I did that two posts ago?

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    Marking it sold is in the thread header, not by posting [sold] as a reply. That way folks don't need to click on the thread and scroll down to the reply where you marked it sold. It appears as SOLD right in the header when looking at all the threads that are posted.