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    Hi , lovely old German archtop for sale in the UK on fleabay

    Vintage jazz guitar 1959 show model Rodebald Hoyer Staccato resonator | eBay


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    What a beautiful archtop guitar!

    The neck has to be the coolest woodworking design I have ever seen - period!!

    I've never heard of Hoyer before but I'd love to hear his creation being played.

    Steven Herron
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    When I put together the long-gone European Guitar Forum, a small group of us figured out most of the West German and East German archtop builders over a few years. Rodebald Hoyer was a curious and prolific builder - eventually we sorted his stuff out as well. He made a pile of archtop guitars across the quality range, but the nicest ones were the Staccato, Broadway and Solist. One of our members went off the deep end with R. Hoyer and is really the expert on them. Here he is, with everything you want to know:

    There's a little fb group:

    My R.Hoyer Broadway (with internal "tone-ring"):

    Attached Images Attached Images German Archtop Hoyer Staccato-r-hoyer-broadway-jpg 
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