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    Beautiful Ibanez AS200 made in Japan 1981 for sale. Plays and sounds wonderful. The neck is straight, the frets in good condition and the action is low. The binding has some minor cracking which I prepared with UV glue so it won't get worse. Weight is 4kg. The case is new and in very good condition. Weight is 4kg.

    PayPal accepted and shipping is no problem.

    Asking 1450€ plus shipping.

    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0968-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0966-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0957-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0960-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0964-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0958-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0956-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0963-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0955-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0953-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0961-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0965-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0969-jpg Ibanez AS200 1981-img_0967-jpg 
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