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    Simply said, I'm selling the best amp I've ever played or heard. The Tonehunter was built by hand to deliver the finest sound, especially in combination with effect pedals. The channels 1 (silver) and 2 (gold) offer two different ways of shaping the tone, whereas the silver one is more defined and the golden one warm and round.

    Because he delivers the true sound of every guitar in such appreciating and authentic manner, he is also suited to present the true heart of every jazz guitar, no matter the price and quality.

    The combination of a 12" and a 10" Jensen Jets loudspeaker lead to a fitting mix between the low and high frequencies of the guitar. The speakers are built in line and have a resistance of 16 Ohms together. Through a built in switch, the signal can be switched between 4-8-16 Ohms. Another speaker can be connected through a second cinch output. It's also very well suited for acoustic guitars.

    For whom this just sounds too good: it's simply true

    P.S.: I just installed new tubes.

    Sound example:

    Asking 1600€ ONO
    Attached Images Attached Images Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0012-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0001-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0010-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0007-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0009-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0013-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0008-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0014-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0004-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0002-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0003-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0005-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0006-jpg Tonehunter ClearWater Amp-img_0011-jpg 


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