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    I'll let the maker speak for this one

    william jeffrey jones guitars - Kronos Fretless

    And stay out of the way.

    Full specs, pics, and description re now-sale on Reverb William Jeffrey Jones "Kronos" Fretless Electric | Reverb. $4410 + shipping. The clock burned a couple of months on other forums before I found you here on JGO and am already at my floor ~ apologies to born barterers.

    There's an out of the box '70s ECM vibe w/ this one. (Note WJJ's own improv on his site). It's been more objet d'art for me - though I'm a born native re fretless - and alas, my budget for new instruments is old instruments. I've been honored in a profound way to have this instr. in the quiver and play its curator otherwise. Allons y!
    Attached Images Attached Images William Jeffrey Jones - electric fretless - Kronos model, ca. 2008 midwest majesty-af0f7be1-276d-415b-8f02-6cce602f54ac-jpg 
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