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    I have a bunch of sets of Waverly tuners, if any of you want them. I'll post them over in the for sale section, but figured that this is a good spot to let you know about them. I needed a few sets and, er, ah, went a bit overboard. They include:
    - Nickel, butterbean buttons
    - Gold, butterbean buttons
    - Nickel, oval buttons
    - Nickel, ebony buttons
    - Nickel, snakewood buttons
    - Gold, snakewood buttons

    Priced between $130 and $200, depending on the set, plus shipping. I'll update the list whenever a style disappears.

    For those who doen't yet know, these are great for restoring old Gibson/Epiphone/D'A archtops, Martin flattops - unlike Gotohs or Grover 18:1 open-back styles, they are perfect drop-in replacements with correctly-spaced screwholes. And they are great for classing up any other guitars, new or old.

    Come to think of it, I also have a two new sets of Gotoh open-back tuners w/butterbean buttons, in chrome.
    $60/set, plus shipping.

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    What is the mounting hole spacing of the Gotohs? I really need chrome/nickel, not gold.

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    The Gotoh tuners I have are chrome-plated. Here are Gotoh and Waverly technical specifications. No idea if these drawings are accurate, but they look cool.
    Attached Images Attached Images Waverly Tuners - various sets, NIB-gotoh-sxb-510-jpg Waverly Tuners - various sets, NIB-waverly_guitar_tuners_with_butterbean_knobs_for_solid_pegheads-jpg-gif 
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    "Somebody get me out of this chair." - BOB WILLS
    Hammertone is a registered Hofnerologist.