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    SOLD SOLD SOLD Gibson L4N from 1951 in the Color Natural (blonde). Guitar is in good condition. Obviously has traces and checking. Solid top. Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard! Frets are still original. The bridge has been replaced as well as the pickguard bracket (original bracket in the case). The guitar has once been used as a left-handed because there are still small screw holes on those spots, the guitar is equipped with a 60s DeArmond pickup with a monkey on a stick mounting system and am endpin-Jack (original Endpin in the case). The pickup can be disassembled again, so that the L4 again becomes an acoustic archtop. Comes with a newer, yet usable suitcase. Really vintage for the lover. Asking 3500 Euro.

    Exchange proposals? Sure, for example ES335, ES345, Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, Gretsch 6120 DSW Guitar is in the Netherlands where I live. Local pickup preferred. Hand over in person can be discussed (Bruxelles, Paris) Shipping abroad also possible, requires CITES permit first.
    1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup-dsc00654-jpg1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup-dsc00660-jpg1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup-dsc00039_zpslufq0vp0-jpg1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup-dsc00655-jpg1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup-dsc00656-jpg
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    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous... 1951 Gibson L4 with 60s DeArmond pickup


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