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    This is a rare item. It has seen hardly any use, and is in excellent condition.

    Original packaging. Full documentation. All hardware (including rack ears).

    The Sentient Six allows assignment of MIDI patch not only by string, but also by pick direction (up or down).
    MIDI pan control can be assigned location of picking along the length of the string (distance from bridge).

    Also included is the Passac MPX-1 Kahler tail piece, having the piezoelectric pickups and multiplexer.

    The Passac Sentient Six is unique among MIDI guitar controllers.
    Attached Images Attached Images Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_015-jpg Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_018-jpg Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_006-jpg Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_009-jpg Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_004-jpg Passac Sentient Six Midi Guitar Controller - 0-wp_20190331_020-jpg 


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    Is this still available? I'm considering this as a backup for mine, which is also nearly mint, as it came from Billy Gibbons warehouse, and he never used it.

    Are you negotiable on the price?

    I am in Brooklyn, and would be able to pick it up.


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    Ken - -

    I'm sorry, but I just sold it a couple of days ago via Craig's List.

    I told the fellow that he can contact me if he has any questions about the unit.

    He's definitely a guitar-MIDI newbie, so if he decides that he's unable to tame the Sentient Six, I'll try to connect the two of you.

    On the positive side, this fellow has tremendous respect for vintage gear, so, it seems to have a good home.

    - - Herb

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    Thanks for the reply