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    Asking for a friend...player grade is A ok! (Actually preferred)


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    i might consider selling my 1940's ES-300 for 3K. the body size is too big. recently refretted. plays and sounds great. Player grade... weather checking and some dings. let me know if you have any interest and i'll send you some Pics.... Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew42 View Post
    Asking for a friend...player grade is A ok! (Actually preferred)
    Here You are: - Tori - 1951 Gibson ES-150 (#1455605)

    (No affiliation.)

    2100€ is about

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    I have an ES-150 (1951 IIRC). The tuners are repros, and the wiring harness was redone at some point, but I am reasonably certain that the P90 is original, for reasons I could expand on. Recent refret, truss rod works both directions. Some cosmetic issues but way above average in that department. Comes with excellent newer brown Gibson hard shell case.

    I want to clear $1500 after shipping.

    Seeking Gibson ES-150 or 300-wp_20181209_15_57_27_pro-jpg

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    $1500 is a great price for nopedals's 1951 ES-150. I bought one, ex-Gruhn's, a 1954 ES-150 with a replaced ES-175 style 3-diamond tailpiece, a Lindy Fralin P90, and paid $1680 for it with shipping.

    It is a great guitar!
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    I should have mentioned that the knobs are repros, too.

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    Still a very good deal, these were thought of as student guitars back then, just a notch ahead of the 125 but they're great, and a lot of them sound good acoustically despite being plywood.

    Times have changed, you could get a mint one for $750-1000 for forever, but they're really starting to catch on.
    This is a very good price imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon View Post
    Still a very good deal, these were thought of as student guitars back then ...
    Not thought so as far as I know by Gibson at the time, which seems to have marketed only later the entry-level ES-125 (which outlasted the ES-150 in its first post-war form) and still later the ES-135 as a “professional or student” instrument over against the “full scale professional model”: the ES-150, designated “a real professional guitar”. (Sources: various 1950s catalogues.)

    Seeking Gibson ES-150 or 300-3d176cf1-d13a-483f-ac31-f7cdffdda367-jpegSeeking Gibson ES-150 or 300-f772f940-7f68-472a-b67a-f4f284b52931-jpegSeeking Gibson ES-150 or 300-cb14e9f0-3ee7-45cf-9198-8e40dc0a1d4d-jpeg Seeking Gibson ES-150 or 300-2ea3c1ad-b6c6-43c5-8158-777e82b489a9-jpg
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    Gotta love Gibson's marketing expertise. It worked then and still works today.
    Essentially, the 16" guitar was for... somebody, maybe, but the 17" was for real perfeshunals, who like more adjectives!
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    Andrew; did you get the PMs I sent you the other day?