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    Guitar has been sold.
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    That's a beautiful Ibanez archtop guitar!

    Gorgeous flamed back as well and your price seems really good too.

    You might want to consider posting an audio clip or video so folks could hear it.

    Steven Herron

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    Here are a couple a quick video demos with my cell phone. Unplugged and then through my Fender SuperChamp XS with Treble/Bass at 5 and the Reverb at 2. Neck pickup only... the bridge pickup works, but who cares?

    Hm...listening back i can still hear some acoustic sound and pick noise in the second video. But I think you can still get an idea of the amplified sound. D'Addario Chrome .011 string set.

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    I've owned one for a little over a year now. For the money it's a great guitar. I've tried several different gauges of Chromes and TI Flats and I've settled on the TI's 13's. They sound real good through my Classic 30 and also sounds good acoustically. Maybe not at the level of a higher priced guitar, but it's a solid archtop. To be honest. I have no idea why they haven't become more popular. I don't think Ibanez is even promoting it like they do with other archtop models. Richie Zellon did a top 10 Jazz Guitar review of entry level models for under $1k and chose the AFC-95 as #2. I had purchased mine before I read it, so I was pleased.

    If you want/need an archtop to get started with, or for gigging out. I wouldn't hesitate to grab this guitar!!!

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    Wow gorgeus guitar sound and playing. I would like to live in the states