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    Here I´m selling this awesome Jaen Rialto near mint status.

    Is a pity because I´m sure that I never will have a similar guitar in quaiity and materials, but the reason of this sell, is a 17" is too much guitar for my body.

    Sound and luxury materials, made in 2004, by one of the best recognized jazz luthiers of today.
    (Fernando Jaén Alonso).

    Rialto BK – Jaen

    Specifications: Spruce top (bear paw), Fingerboard, buttons, pickguard & bridge made of beautiful ebony; background and sides of solid curly maple, Benedetto A6 pickup , and a precious bending on body & neck.

    Sound & playability well above of high quality instruments of brands like Gibson.
    Status, 9.6 of 10. Included Hiscox original hardcase.

    Now working with Daddario Chrome 12-52 strings, but has been last two years working with Thomastik infeld GB 114 (014-055), near to the fingerboard and with a amazing playability.

    Is like a Roll Royce being a guitar. It´s sound, unplugged or plugged is just stuning!!!

    I am from Barcelona (ES), and in the case to have different interested people, I will try to sell it on hand (because I´ll prefer don´t send it althought we can talk about it).

    I can send pictures, videos, or whatever than some interested can need.

    Price - 3200€ (shipment included to central EU).
    (I can sell it with his original hardcase Hiscox at the price marked (3200€), or well, sell it with an epiphone old hardcase by 3000€),

    Jazz to everyone!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-4-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-5-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-12-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-2-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-6-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-9-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-11-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-10-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-8-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-16-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-3-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-15-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-7-jpg Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-1-jpg 
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    What a beautiful archtop guitar!

    Especially the flamed back and sides.

    I've never heard of Jaen Rialto before so it would really be nice if you could add a sound clip or video of the guitar being played.

    Steven Herron

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    Here I found one video practicing at home direct to a flat Polytone Minibrute V:
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    I have an 18" Jaen Sevilla great guitars and a genius luthier! Beautiful guitar you've got there!

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    Yes, thanks!!!

    Stunish sound plugged and unplugged, awesome playability, and looking precious!!
    I can imagine how wonderful can be that 18", and you are invited to delight me (and everyone) with some pictures about this Sevilla!

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    Jaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-fullsizeoutput_11b0-jpgJaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-fullsizeoutput_11b5-jpgJaen Rialto - 2004 - (Guitarras Jaén)-fullsizeoutput_11b3-jpg

    Here it is, Jaen. should have a lot more international recognition. I found him online back in 2009 and had him send me this archtop all the way to Florida. I'm sure in Spain and Europe he's better known, but like I said. Hope his guitars get more recognition in the US as well. Great instruments and affordable by comparison. But the quality is above and beyond many I'v seen for a lot more. He's making pickups as well now. He takes an engineering approach to some of the aspects in the building process.

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    Great, I know it (from the website of Fernando), and simple amazing!!

    If I had the possibility; I would have one Jamaica (15"), and one Odeon (16"), because Rialto about his size is bigger than my body. Then this Sevilla would make me would make me look like a child ;-).

    Anyways, If money left me, would be amazing to have this awesome instrument!!!

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    Somebody out there must need this. I would but I just bought my lifetime axe.

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    I had a Jaén guitar, Jamaica model, and I can say that they are a high quality instruments.
    Good luck with the sale

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    Jaen Jamaica is a 15" beautiful axe.

    I love this Jaen model!

    Happy to read that you are a lucky owner of one!!

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