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    Selling this absolutely amazing guitar! It's a Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow. I believe it's a 2010. Basically, it's an ES-330L with humbuckers, or a completely hollow ES-335.

    Seventy Seven guitars are hand-made in a small custom shop in Japan. There's normally a 6-8 month wait when you order. This model has actually been discontinued though.

    I'm blown away with this guitar, but unfortunately the tax season has hit me harder than I thought this year. So, I need to let it go.

    The guitar is in excellent condition. It plays and sounds amazing. It's super comfortable as it only weighs 5lbs 14oz. My favorite part about this guitar is the neck. It has a big neck, but is still very comfortable to play. The frets are in great shape with just a tiny bit of ware along the B and E string. Comes with the original hardshell case.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

    Asking $1,550 + shipping and PayPal.
    Attached Images Attached Images Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0859-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0861-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0864-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0866-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0868-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0870-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0872-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0873-jpg 
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    More pics
    Attached Images Attached Images Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0876-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0881-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0879-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0883-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0889-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0893-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0894-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0895-jpg 

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    And more pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0898-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0899-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0900-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0905-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0906-jpg Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-img_0908-jpg 

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    Although I've never heard of Seventy Seven guitars before, it sure is a nice looking instrument!

    It would help if you could put up a sound clip or a video so we could hear it.

    Steven Herron

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    ES-330s seem to be really popular here. This looks like a great option at a lower price.

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    I have a spruce top Exrubato Jazz. Fantastic guitars.

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    JB: Where are you located?

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    I'm located in Richmond, Virginia. I don't mind driving a bit to meet up though.

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    Dang...this is basically a 330/530.

    Very nice.

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    Yea, I guess the best way to describe it is that it's an ES-330L with humbuckers. It's really an awesome guitar. It has a very nice acoustic voice too.

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    What is the depth of the body? It looks a little fatter than a 335 in the photos.

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    The rims measure at 1 5/8"

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    Also, I know it's a long shot, but I'd be up to trade it for a Seventy Seven Hawk.

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    A very well made guitar. The level of finition is outstanding (superb binding). I just miss the p90's on the one I played.