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    Cherry red East Side Jazz LC. Wonderful instrument. Full hollowbody thin instrument. Highgloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Very light 5.16 pounds with excellent sound. The top, back and sides are premium quilted laminated maple, rosewood board 1 11/16" scale 24 7/8, ebony pickguard, tailpiece. Lollar pickup, floating bridge. OHS Ameritage case. Small body (15"lower bout) very comfortable to play. Guitar in great shape. Some finish swirls but nothing significant. Scratch on back of neck that can not be felt unless you look for it. Kept incase in properly humidified room. Never gigged or out of house. $3800.00. No trades.
    Attached Images Attached Images Collings East Side Jazz 2017-collings-eastside2-jpg Collings East Side Jazz 2017-collings-eastside4-jpg Collings East Side Jazz 2017-collings-eastside3-jpg 


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    What is the rim depth/width? From the photos it looks on the thin side. 1.5"?

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    This is about the size and depth of a PRS JA 15, Wildcat.

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    Wildcat,Per the collings site the body depth is 1 11/16. The body length is 19"and the total length is 41". It is definitely a thin body

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    I do this once in a while unconsciously think about buying something similar to what I already owned. Or in one case buying something thinking it was the first time, only to realize, in the deep dark recesses of my mind, I bought the same dam thing before.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    This is about the size and depth of a PRS JA 15, Wildcat.

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    Jabberwocky is right. Good thing he is here to remind you of where you have been!!! Really slight differences between the PRS and the Collings specs; the PRS is a longish scale (25"), it has two pups and is considerably wider than the Collings. I have a PRS solid body SC and as a general matter Collings' workmanship, fit and finish is superior. The Collings and the PRS are both wonderful instruments.

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    I have this guitar in the full deluxe configuration (inlayed headstock/fretboard and full binding). I swapped out the stock Lollar CC for a Lollar HB and I found that the HB sounded better, but I know they built a few with HB's installed from the outset.

    Indeed the workmanship is outstanding. On par with my luthier-built guitars. Hard to say if the wood quality is the same as the private stock of the great luthiers, but the quality is definitely very good.

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    Your Collings is certainly one beautiful guitar!

    Between the cherry red finish and the quilted maple that is a real looker!

    I suspect you won't have much trouble finding a buyer.

    Steven Herron
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    This instrument came from Collings with a Lollar imperial humbucker.

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    Greetings good sir, which state do you live in?

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    Philadelphia pennsylvania

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    Hi Peter:

    Is this guitar still available?


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    This is the first one of these I've actually seen a photograph of. What an elegant looking instrument! Good luck with the sale.
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    These are great guitars. I've recently been playing mine unplugged with TI Bebop 13's and it sounds great...surprisingly loud and full sound especially if you let the back plate vibrate. The new ones run about $6K now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolvinny View Post
    Indeed the workmanship is outstanding. On par with my luthier-built guitars..

    Standard Collings quality then. I've owned their acoustic guitars and mandolins and I can't imagine anyway to improve workmanship.