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    I purchased this guitar new in August, 2017 in order to get back into classical playing after a several decades hiatus. I've enjoyed playing classical so much, I recently made the leap into purchasing a luthier made guitar by Daniel Bernaert. Hence, the desire to sell this guitar. (Although, the more I play the two side by side, the more I've come to appreciate the quality this Cervantes offers.)

    Being a lattice braced instrument, the guitar has excellent volume and projection -- in other words, it's fairly loud. It also features a raised-style fingerboard for increased playability up the neck; a 12 hole bridge design and an adjustable truss rod (something of a rarity for a classical guitar). The top is cedar, and the back and sides are a beautiful Palo Escrito (Dalbergia Paloescrito, referred to as Mexican rosewood). The fingerboard is ebony. Specs are the traditional classical 650mm scale length and 52mm nut width with a flat fretboard. Comes with the original Humicase. Both guitar and the case are in what I'd describe as very good to excellent condition with only a few minor marks in the finish (e.g., from string changes).

    Price is $1,795 shipped CONUS (using pay-pal friends and family, otherwise add 3%). Would also consider trade arrangements (e.g., +/- cash) for a higher-end 00 sized steel string acoustic or cross-over nylon string guitar. Thanks for looking!

    Cervantes Milenia Studio PE Classical Guitar-ajpg-jpgCervantes Milenia Studio PE Classical Guitar-0-jpgCervantes Milenia Studio PE Classical Guitar-l1040969-jpgCervantes Milenia Studio PE Classical Guitar-l1040981-jpgCervantes Milenia Studio PE Classical Guitar-l1040979-jpg


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    I'll give this posting one more ride to the top in case anyone is interested. Thanks.

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    That's a beautiful Cervantes classical guitar - especially the back!

    I only wish you would have put up a sound clip or video so we could hear what the guitar sounds like.

    This is important and would probably help you sell your guitar.

    Steven Herron
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    Thanks for the advice, Steve. I am a total Luddite when it comes to shooting and posting video, but I will search for a short piece that showcases the guitar while masking my total and complete lack of ability to play. May take me a bit.