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    Selling my Peerless Gigmaster Jazz. It's in great condition. Frets show a little bit of wear, mainly along the B sting, but a little on the high E and G as well. Still plenty of fret left though. Plays and sounds great. Just had it professionally set up and had a new input jack installed. Wonderful feeling neck. Very nice acoustic voice too. This is a great budget friendly alternative to a Gibson 175. The hardshell case is a little worn, but fully functional.

    Asking $850 + shipping and PayPal.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
    Attached Images Attached Images Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0291-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0293-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0294-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0296-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0298-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0300-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0302-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0304-jpg 


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    More pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0305-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0306-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0307-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0308-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0310-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0311-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0312-jpg 

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    And more pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0297-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0314-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0315-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0316-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0317-jpg Peerless Gigmaster Jazz-img_0319-jpg 

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    That's a beautiful guitar and what a great price!

    Gorgeous flamed top, sides, and back as well.

    I don't think you're going to have any trouble selling it!

    Steven Herron
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    Sorry, I don't have any clips of this guitar.

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    Looks like a nice guitar! GLWTS!

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    I played one at G&J. Really liked it. Played and sounded great, but decided on the Peerless Monarch 16 for a few hundred more.

    The Gigmaster Jazz is a very nice guitar. GLWTS.

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    Gorgeous piece. Where were when I was looking? Good luck with your sale, should go quickly.

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