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    Selling a very nice Ibanez JSM10 John Scofield semi-hollow. It’s in great condition. The only flaw I see is a little finish chip near the nut on the low E side. The guitar plays very well and sounds wonderful. A very versatile guitar, especially with the Tri-sound switch. With the switch, you can change the neck pickup to series, parallel, or single-coil sounds. Comes with the case.

    Asking $800 + shipping and PayPal.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez JSM10-img_0257-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0259-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0260-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0262-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0264-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0266-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0267-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0270-jpg 


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    More pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez JSM10-img_0272-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0273-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0275-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0278-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0279-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0280-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0277-jpg 

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    And some more pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images Ibanez JSM10-img_0283-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0285-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0286-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0284-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0288-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0289-jpg Ibanez JSM10-img_0290-jpg 

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