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    One-of-a-kind 17” archtop guitar made by Daniel Slaman in 2013. Slaman runs a small workshop in The Hague, Netherlands and has achieved an international reputation for his ‘New Vintage’ guitars, inspired by classic Gibson designs, but with modern playability. Most feature custom-made Charlie Christian pickups for their vintage tone. Most recently, Slaman created unique guitars for Pat Metheny, who has toured and recorded with them.

    ‘Magnificent Molly’ (# 30613) is a 17” x 3” guitar with a carved spruce top and laminated back and sides to reduce feedback. It is based on the rare Gibson ES-250 model used by Charlie Christian in his final performances.

    Features Molly
    Based on the 250 and 350 style guitars, the “under-the bed” finish has a used patina and vibe, but is not reliced in any way. 17-inch cutaway body, 3-1/4 inch depth, 25-1/2 inch scale length. Inlays, pickup and tailpiece all come from the 250 style. Combining styles gives birth to a unique model, a new classic is born!

    The guitar is very lightweight, the sound is balanced and punchy, yet warm. It can be played using acoustic bronze strings for a lighter, airy, open voice–the CC pickup can handle acoustic strings surprisingly well–or with electric nickel strings for a more classic, focus sound.

    The guitar is in very good used condition, with slight traces of use. Shipped in a modern hard case. The guitar is now sold.

    Specifications Molly
    * 17 inchwide single cutaway body
    * 3 1/4 inch side depth
    * 25 1/2 inch scale length
    * handcarved and tuned aged Sitka spruce top
    * laminated maple back
    * acoustic hollow body with hand-bent maple sides
    *cream binding on front and back of body
    * ebony fingerboard with gold pearl open book inlays
    * mahogany neck, C medium profile
    * neck joins body at 14th fret
    * hand-made ebony bridge
    * unbound f-holes
    * Kluson 'waffle-back' nickel tuners
    * ES-250 style handmade nickel tailpiece with or without jack output in the base
    * CC Charlie Christian ES-250 style single coil pickup
    * volume and tone control with bakelite knobs
    * cream bound fingerboard
    * Slaman logo in pearl in bound ebony faced headstock
    * cream bound tortoise celluloid pickguard
    * black nitro-cellulose finish 'Under-the-bed' style

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    Way too cool !
    "Oh, those jazz guys are just making that stuff up!" - Homer

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    Get behind me, Satan! That's one Devilishly-attractive bank loan...

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    Thanks, guys. All I can say is... you wouldn't be disappointed!

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    Wow! That is beautiful. Good luck with the sale!

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    Ho good Lord, give me the strength to resist. She is incredible. Slaman’s guitars are terrific instruments and Daniel is at top of archtop builders.

    Ho good Lord.....
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    That is one very cool looking archtop guitar!

    I've never seen a Slaman before so thank you for putting up those gorgeous pictures.

    Steven Herron
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    Very nice, and very good price. I wish it was blonde GLWS

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    Still available

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    Bump for a first-rate, one-of-a-kind guitar!

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    Still available.

    She’s not getting played enough lately, and needs someone who will give the attention she deserves.

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    What an amazing looking (and I'm sure sounding) guitar. GLWTS

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    Thanks for your good wishes, firebill!

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    This one-of-a-kind guitar by reknowned luthier Daniel Slaman is still available, now at a lower price.

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    Hi. Is this still available? I also did not see the price in the thread. What country are you in?

    Thx, Ben

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    Gary, thanks for your help in getting this guitar to me. Pleasure to do business with you.
    Last week I sent off the bridge to Mr. Slaman so that he could cut a new saddle piece to accommodate a thick, unwound G 022 string and that just came back today. So the bridge will be going back on later today and I'll fire the guitar up again.