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    Ok, rather than a bump I am going to do a repost on my Elferink. This is an 18 inch I bought it from Frans myself in 2005. It is a beautiful and tremendous guitar plays like a dream. The neck is on the wide side of 1 3/4inches scale length is 25.5. It has a floating ka PUP that I had Kent make for myself it is the real deal Kent Armstrong.

    The guitar is basically excellent. I would even say better except one small part of bind on the back has shrunk in the bend. It is no big deal I have not bother to do anything with it and I repair guitars myself.

    The blow out deal on this is $4450 and I will charge whatever UPS charges to ship it. We can work out other details. The guitar has a great sound it moves air and sounds good though an AMP. It is a real beauty. I am pointing this out because I would like to sell it only because I have other guitars that need played more. I play my Hollenbeck and Barker along with my D'angelico's and this just needs a better home. I bought it because I was taken by the guitar as the European Equivalent to a D'angelico. It has all the trim but the standard traditional design.

    I have include many more picsElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0753-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0756-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0759-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0759-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0765-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0764-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0766-jpgElferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0763-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Elferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0761-jpg Elferink Excalibur 18 inch repost more pics-img_0762-jpg 
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    That is a steal of a deal for an 18 inch carved archtop by a master builder!

    "When the chord changes, you should change" Joe Pass

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    Superb woods and workmanship and elegant design - wow! Best of luck with the sale.
    Best regards, k

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    That’s absolutely stunning. I’ve been intrigued with Frans’s guitars for a while, but have yet to have an opportunity to play one.

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    I can attest to Franz Elferink's work. I own a 3 year old Tonemaster and love it!

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    Goodness gracious - what a beautiful guitar!!

    I've heard Rob MacKillop play his Elferink on various videos that he's posted on this forum and the sound of that guitar is incredible.

    If I had the money I would buy your guitar in a heartbeat!

    Steven Herron
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    Yes, it's very beautiful. Someone will get a dream guitar.

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    My Excalibur is a spectacular guitar, it has massive projection (and mine is a 17")
    ... but better yet, insanely playable.

    I usually have a bit of trouble with the Eb9 to Eb7b9 transition in Ted Greene version of ATTYA...
    The Elferink handles this transition with astonishing ease.

    Also, that is some spectacular wood in that guitar... Franz makes a GREAT guitar... run don't walk for this one. Amazing!
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    Me no tengo dinero

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    I'm curious about the body depth and the soundboard length. Is it comparable to the Super 400?

    It also looks like the neck joins at the 15th fret.

    This is a beautiful instrument.

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    Body depth is full 3 3/8 and yes the neck joins one fret up. Compared to all other archtops this one has huge access up
    the neck. Much easier to go floating up the neck. I do not recall seeing this in other 18 inch archtops. Not sure how much this effects the sound.

    This guitar is not as loud as the Hollenbeck or the D’a. Does not sound like a super 400. Frans makes his own sound more like a Gibson Johnny Smith if i had to make a comparison. I guessing the x brace and carving is why it sounds more like. JS than L5. It certainly is not like an Epi. Great for chord melody playing.
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    Bump for a fine instrument.

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    I put this up on Reverb so if you want it from me through forum it is cheaper. All the talk of Elferink I this one is nice for sure. Frankly if it does not sell I may put up my Vestage New Yorker from 2002 18 inch. It is a real nice guitar and absolutely mint, blond, I am going to ask $3000 for it and you won't find a better one I know.

    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    Another bump for a very fine instrument!

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    How much are you asking? thanks, Dean

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    Quote Originally Posted by dharrell View Post
    How much are you asking? thanks, Dean
    $4450 for forum, I have it on reverb for $4950.
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    Thank you I will consider the offer.

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    I am going to bump this one more time and it is still for sale. It is a beautiful guitar. I will not be offended on an offer this guitar is a real gem and plays well.
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?

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    Unfortunately Elferink doesn't have the name recognition of some other well known archtop builders. Great guitar for a very fair price

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    ?Bump for a good guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMikeinNJ View Post
    ?Bump for a good guy...
    And, no doubt, a great guitar.

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    I do wish I had the disposable income.

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    Holy cow that's a fine guitar. Price is seriously right, too. Be still my heart...

    LOOK at the recurve on that instrument's top and back plates. WOW!