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    Hope they do not mind. My Elferink Excalibur 18 inch near mint from Frans himself had this since 2005. Plays like a dream 1 3/4 neck internal pizo too to blend sound. KA pickup made by Kent himself not one of the imports. If you ask why I am selling I have other guitars that I need to play. Can work shipping even meet if within driving distance 1:2 way. $5000 I dare you to find a better guitar.
    Attached Images Attached Images Elferink Excalibur 18 inch Super Flame-image-jpg Elferink Excalibur 18 inch Super Flame-image-jpg 


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    Looks wonderful good luck

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    Awesome guitar Mark (nice to see you here instead of that Usenet group that has seen better days). I guess a guy with a genuine DA New Yorker can part with a guitar as nice as this one...


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    I am going make a Christmas deal and bump this to a bottom line price $4800. If you live within a half days drive it will be a easy to see and handle. I can meet halfway.

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    Half a days drive from where?? Bob

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    Central Illinois.

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    Ok, Im in New England so thats out. That is a truly beautiful piece you have there. GLWS! Bob

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    Where? Ship it on a Monday you will have by Thursday latest can be on a Wednesday. When ever I have sold guitars or things that need to keep moving aiways ship on a Monday UPS 2 day express.

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    That is a world class archtop for $4800. Someone smart should grab that one...

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    So I gig with an Elferink Tonemaster Custom and an continually happy as can be! Like the best of Gibson and Hand Made Luthier instruments at an affordable price! I agree hard to find a better guitar at almos 3x's the price!

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    I'm also proud owner of Elferink Tonemaster. Amazing acoustic archtop. I don't need other guitars.

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    Scale length?

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    This is 25.5. I can skype the puppy if someone is serious. I might add the sound is even not particularly bassy or real bright. Comparing to my 18 inch Hollenbeck it is not as loud, brighter might be the word. Compared to my 49 New Yorker 18 inch I would say the same thing.

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    I am going to bump this thread up with all the Elferink references the past few weeks. I still have this guitar and I have the price a $4750 plus shipping. I would not be offended if an offer was made. Find a better 18 inch guitar for the money it plays like a dream but it is a large guitar.

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    Let me see what I can get for my kidney

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    The guitar will not filter the toxins out as good but frankly this is beautiful guitar and plays great. I am only selling because I have others and they are higher up the food chain. I have had it 10 years and someone looking for the modern equivalent of a D’Angelico this is it. It has the bells and whistles without being gaudy. The neck is lighting fast and wide 1 3/4. Also has internal pizo pickup works with stereo chord but don’t use it.

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    This instrument very much reminds me of some of Aaron Cowles' work. That's as good as it gets.

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    How does the piezo pickup work? Is there a stereo jack on the rim or at the end pin? Do you use a Y cable with the outputs going into an acoustic and an electric amp?

    That's very interesting.

    Kenny Burrell worked on that approach to archtop amplification but used a bridge saddle pickup to blend with the magnetic neck pickup.

    Do you know what year the guitar was made?


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    Damn, just drooled all over the keyboard. Nice, good luck with the sale.

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    The internal pick up is inside under the near tailpiece. Frans set it up with a homemade pre-amp I have and if you use a stereo chord in the jack it picks up both the pickup and the internal pizo. I can use the preamp to dial in a few different tonal influences but to me I just like the straight sound of the pickup. I upgrade and bought the this pickup from Kent Armstrong himself this is not one of the clones or imports.

    To tell the truth I rarely plug into an amp I just play acoustically. The guitar has excellent volume is very even top to bottom. The real thing is the neck is very nice I love it. A little wider at 1.77 and great for fingerstyle or just running lines. The way the neck meets the body allow total access all the way up to the high registers of the fretboard. It has killer woods.

    So again one might ask why I am I selling. Guitar was made in 2005 I bought it directly from Frans then and I am the only owner. I not sure if it was made for someone and they did not go through with sale but it was available from him when I saw it. After now 13 years I just need to decrease the number of guitars I have. I have my 2 D'angelico's and of course my Hollenbeck and Barkers. Having worked with Bill Hollenbeck and Barker the roots are very deep so this guitar can go. I bought simply on a whim due to the beauty and is sure is that, but I better play these other guitars.

    Finally I have had a few inquires and those asking question but lets just say I have not had a offer and I will not be offended if someone makes a offer. I can tell you yes or no right? I can provide more photos too if needed. It is not mint but I would call excellent. One place the bind has shrunk a bit on the back at the waist, not worth doing a thing with at this point. Remember I repair guitars and just not any issue. The fret have almost no wear as I play with a lighter touch. I always play with a towel over the right arm to keep finish on the body from wearing. The only gig I have ever played with it was a Church Christmas Musical at the parish I am assigned. Neck straight and set up perfect as it should that is my business I am in.

    Right now archtops are not moving too much and at a certain price you have Gibson to deal to choose, which many say is a better move. If the guitar was completely mint I would ask $5250. This is difficult to compare because it is not a L5, Super 400, or a D'angelico but the lineage is all there in this guitar, at least as a fully carved top guitar.

    I do think Elferink Guitars are going to be keepers in the long run. In fact I am guessing in Europe this guitar is probably much more marketable. It has a TKL case or at least made by TKL. This guitar in my mind is ripe for someone who likes large guitars and getting a lot of sound. It is for someone looking for an alternative to a higher priced Super 400 or Trenier. I think it is very comparable to a Trenier whos guitars are going for much more money for sure. The guitar is a show stopper and anyone seeing you place this will walk right up and say wow............what guitar is that. I fully believe years from now this guitar will be worth much more than my Hollenbeck for sure because of Hollenbeck shorter career. However Bill was my close friend and I don't care..........after all we know all dogs go to heaven right?

    I don't know about guitars going to heaven be we do not take them with us when we depart. SS has right we are just keepers for awhile. Sorry for the long post but remember offers can be taken.

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    I am going to bump this because there is s thread on Elferink guitars seems to be interest and my is on Reverb now for $4300. I really think it will not let you down it is a beauty other than the slight binding flaw on rear waist, cannot see it playing nor does it really make the guitar negative to view.

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    bump for a beauty

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    Still here? Amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty Grass
    Still here? Amazing!
    Yes still around and maybe because it is a large 18 inch and just too big. Frans get some post on the forum about his guitars lots of praise but frankly as I made the earlier statement the archtop market is in the tank. I see on reverb Tom Van Hoose has a Super 400 non cut for $5500 and a Johnny Smith for $5500 to I believe. Both of these would be a better buy the my guitar, the boutiques are just not the same thing.

    I just recently talked to a well known guitar maker and he really did not have anyone flocking to have him build guitars. Certainly he could build them and sell but frankly at some point you figure out that doing other things make a lot more money and less headaches. I would imagine that if I worked a full day in the shop doing nothing but fret dressing I would do 3-4 per day and that would pay easily way more money than building any guitar. The next crazy thing is I do some medicaid consulting work and that pays at least 3 times the amount of money I get from a fret dressing and I don't even get my hands dirty.

    Now for the killer. I do bike repairs and that is actually fun in that nothing terrible complicated and much less at stake than a guitar it terms of handing. That pays at least 2 times the money over guitar repairs, Of course the trick is you have to stay busy.

    Moral of jazz archtops is you love them and money is simply a part of deal but don't be lead into thinking it will be full time job. It is much like playing jazz guitar for a living and we know not many are doing that at all.

    Oh and yes the guitar is for sale. I don't care if it does not sell it is a sound monster. However if someone wants it plays well. I would take trade on a 175, 165, or even an Eastman if it is something I can sell for what I give in trade.