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    Dear friends,

    I am trying to find temporary solution for 'live' looping with Android phone.
    I got ZoomH5 used as external mic (it is acoustic guitar I use) to Android smartphone.

    I need some Looper app that has
    - footswitch imitation on the screen (where you can (gently) press the button on the screen with your foot that functions as a regular simple one-button looper)
    - possibility to record and store both the recorded loop and overdubbed track

    I use one simple app that has this 'one-button' feature that works more or less ok but it does not record overdubbed track (you just make one loop playback and play over it without recording overdubbed track and in some cases I would like to store the result to listne to it later etc).

    Another question:
    Is it somehow possible to insert a real Ditto Looper in this chain? If not for the smarphone - maybe for a laptop?
    Are there any adapters to connect it (and without big loss of quality) - ZoomH5 - Ditto - Smartphone/PC?
    And does it actually make sense to try it with the mic? Because my Ditto is instrumental model ptobably it will not work well with acoustic signal going through the mic?

    In a word I look for simple (travel) solution of live looping for acoustic guitar wit hmore or less acceptable tone quality.

    Thank you for any suggestions


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    LoopStation and Loopify on Playstore are excellent for Androids.