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Latency issues are about what you are trying to do and how you are monitoring it.
Latency is also related to basic computer power and capacity. Monitoring through the DAW by loopback with minimal latency requires significant processor power and speed because the CPU is handling input, output, and signal processing simultaneously. If you have VST instruments in the mix, these demands go even higher. DAWs also require serious RAM for optimal functioning. Avid, for example, specs 32 gigs as minimum.

You need drives with fast random access read/write speeds, at which SSDs excel. You need chipsets with fast busses, etc etc etc. You can use I/O latency correction in your software, but if the lag is too great you can’t just dial it completely out and record as though it didn’t exist. Audacity, for example, has latency correction that works great up to a point. If you follow the instructions in your DAW’s manual and you can’t get clean recordings free of noises, hesitation, dropouts etc, you may just need a more powerful computer.