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    Anyone using this, i downloaded the demo and it gives a decent clean sound maybe the best of all the ones i've tried, i still seem to be able to match the sound with a decent preamp and a few plugins though?


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    You mean the neural dsp Cory Wong signature plugin?

    I had it for a long time. It has its own sound, which unsurprisingly excels in the kind of compressed cleans that Cory plays. If you are into that, you can quickly get tones that are usable on recordings. I ended up feeling it’s too sterile sounding.

    For Hendrixy/Mayery/Frusciantey edge of breakup tones I can recommend Softube Amp Room and their marshall plugs. The amp room fender twins are amazing and their marshalls (I especially like the bluesbreaker) are spot on.

    Also I really enjoy the Fuchs overdrive special plug by Brainworx for dumbleish strat tones.

    For jazz archtop, the Lindell Audio Neve channel sim (lindell 80) gives instant classic direct recording tone.

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    It's fine. No better or worse than several options out there, but in a simple and self contained package. I uninstalled the demo after one use, but that's because it didn't beat anything I already had. The standalone feature is a nice plus, though.

    Listen to Frank! Nothing comes close to softube amp room for me. But most of these amp sims are of roughly similar quality; it's just a matter of what fits your eyes, ears, workflow and budget. With the caveat that there are fewer clean options out there, and fewer intriguing, interesting, transcendent ones.

    The advantage about neural products (huge marketing and star power aside) is that they are butt simple, turn key, one click to have someone's tone. That that's cool for a lot of people but I personally find it limiting and boring. The sounds are there, but their workflow and training wheels don't work for me.

    They just put out a tone king amp and it sounds great but also doesn't really seem to offer something novel or different. Then again, I'm not super well versed in fender sounds (even though I have both fender collections in amplitube).

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    Thanks for your thoughts, just doing a bit of experimentation with different ideas.....