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    Looking to add a microphone. Currently own an SM57 and an AT2020. Finally getting better with recording a flat top with the AT2020 12” off the 12th fret. Good enough I want better. Those KM184s are too expensive. What else? Can I get good stereo with a mix of the 2020 and another or is a matched pair required?


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    My opinion is that if you are going to do xy then they really should be matched. If doing spaced pairs then not so much.

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    Internet search, Audio Test Kitchen. Amazing site that compares mics, you can hear them by setting up A B test/comparisons in a controlled environment

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    Check out the Peluso CEMC6

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    Akg 460b are great mics. Weren't too expensive last I checked.

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    Pretty much un-beatable for the price : a matched pair of OKTAVA MK-012

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    Yeah. The Oktava MK-012 or the Peluso cemc6. I’m telling you. I have two pairs of the Mk012 and a pair of the Pelusos. Both are nice. I prefer the Pelusos.

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    I'm sooo glad that I found my way OUT of this rabbit hole in time before too much €€€ was spent ! Oh, and the time spent agonizing over which mic-pre, which mic, plug-in, monitors, gadget, gimmick and gizmo would be best .....

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    Ordered a pair of AT4041 small diaphragm condenser that appear to be on sale everywhere.