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    Has anyone been using this app? Looking for reviews and recommendations.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Have it but do not find it user friendly so don't go to it.

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    I am using it.

    Agree, it is not user friendly. The tonal mapping hocus pocus does not add any usable for me. Even with basic jazz theory knowledge the listener knows II is subdominant, V is dominant and I is tonic, also the tritone subs. A few tunes has modulations, those are also not rocket science, majority of modulations happen in the B part of an AABA form. ...and then there are some rare, very special tunes, but that case nothing will spare for the musician the manual analysis, or a search/discuss in this very forum :-)

    Regarding jazz improvisation, this approach may derail the user the most important aspect of tension/release, which lives in the flow of tune.

    Regarding the tune database: cool

    Regarding the play along: It claims it is AI based. Sometimes it is better than iReal pro, sometimes it is scary... The weakest part is the drum, which is interesting, because in DAW plugins (jazz) the drum kits seems to be ahead of other (bass, hammond, piano), and also drum genius app exists since years, which proves, it is not impossible to create a repeting groovy drum sequence based on patterns.