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    I now have my guitar tracks and drums recorded in my DAW. A trumpet player and a sax player want to record their parts and then send to me. They will be using a mic into an iRig into a computer or phone. Question: is there a preferred app that they should use for their recording? My DAW is Ableton.


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    it doesn’t matter ....

    just that your ableton can read
    the file type they give you ....
    44.1k wav is pretty universal ....

    its also useful if they they leave the count on the top of the track for syncing purposes

    have fun

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    You will probably be pulling your hair out if they use anything but Ableton and a computer.

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    I don't know about Ableton, but like other DAWS it should be able to read a variety of file types without a problem (like pingu said). In my DAW running on windows I've imported midi files, wav files, mp3 files, video files, and Apple format files both video and audio; all without any problems.

    If they left align your track to the zero point of their DAW and render the entire stem of their performance you should be able to take their track, left align it in your DAW, and it will be in sync.

    I prefer the performance stems without any FX added (i.e. dry) which enables me to add the FX myself to do a better mix. Any FX including eq, compression and reverb and anything else. One can make better decisions regarding FX when you can hear how they sound against the entire mix. The exception that comes to mind is guitar, I'll usually ask for two stems for guitar, one dry, and one with the amp or amp sim (without delay or reverb). I don't want any other FX though.

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    Synchronisation will be a challenge here. All recording musicians shall use metronomes.