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    Sorry if this has been asked, I’ve searched around google, Reddit, here and haven’t found quite what I am looking for.
    Is there any software that allows me to play a MIDI keyboard and in real time turns it into a score? Preferably capable of grand staff?
    I have tried with MuseScore but can’t seem to get it to work (I also can’t get the Korg Microkey driver to install so that might be it right there). I’m open to buying Finale or Sibelius if they have this capability and are easy to learn, but am trying to avoid a subscription model (which I think Sibelius is?). Anyway, I write a lot of lesson materials for guitar and piano and it would be a time saver for sure, and FWIW I can get educator pricing.
    Really appreciate any advice, I see a lot of ‘which is better’ threads (which I also don’t really know) but really just want to know about live entering notes. Thanks!


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    Sibelius will do that pretty well. Also - I've done it myself in MuseScore, using a MIDI guitar, so I know it can be done.
    You can download a free trial version of Sibelius here - Sibelius | Ultimate Trial. If you install that and try it out and get the same result that you got in MuseScore, that would suggest that the Korg driver is the problem, so you can then concentrate on dealing with correcting that. Since MuseScore is free and Sibelius is relatively expensive, I wouldn't go purchasing Sibelius just yet, until you get to the root of what the problem is.

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    Sibelius has more possibilities of editing .You can do everything with music recorded by midi instrument.

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    Oh cool, yeah I bet it is my Korg driver. I’ll try it with a different keyboard and definitely try the Sibelius free trial. Thank you both!

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    Have you checked the MuseScore instructions? You need to connect your keyboard and turn it on, then start MuseScore, then open a project.

    I love MuseScore for being free and open source. They just released an update that makes professional-looking sheet music, with intelligent score setup. (about time!)

    I bought Sibelius 7 in 2012, with the teacher discount. It's good, but I'd never do the subscription thing, especially with Avid.

    PreSonus Notion is 149 USD. Not sure if they offer an educator price. Dorico is another option...

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    Thank you, I’ll have to try again in Musescore. I think it was just my keyboard but I think it’s connected properly now. I’ve been enjoying Sibelius for the last few days though, I find it a little faster.
    I agree the subscription doesn’t sound like a good idea but you can still buy the software (perpetual license, I think) and have updates for a year and be able to use the software as long as you like. I think it’s 300 with my teacher discount. Will check out those other options too, thanks!

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    Finale is similar to Sibelius, and I think it has come way down in price.

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    I ended up trying to buy Sibelius but trying to get educator pricing from Avid was so difficult I started reading about other issues people have had and decided to try and avoid an Avid product just because they seem to have terrible support. I'm back to Musescore but haven't figured out live entry yet. I will have to try Finale as well, thanks for the suggestion! Looks like it's a little more than Sibelius (350 for academic instead of 300) so I'm trying to make musescore work a little longer.

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    I just spent half an hour getting MuseScore to accept note input from a midi keyboard. It recognized my Yamaha piano, in a generic way, but wouldn't take input. So I updated to the newest version ( and it wouldn't recognize the Yamaha! (buggy bastard, eh?) Plugged in a 3rd gen M-audio Oxy 49 and MuseScore recognized it. I restarted my computer, restarted MuseScore and VOILA. I can play-in notes on a grand staff.

    The instructions worked (a bit over half way down this page ) but not with my main piano.

    Good luck. You need to restart MuseScore whenever you adjust midi I/O. Not sure if restarting my computer made a difference...