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    Many years ago I had downloaded thousands of tunes from Wesley Dick's biab site. I have some but lost a lot in a computer crash. I found a site that has basically all the good tunes as separate files. It appears though you have to download each individual song one at a time. Is there another way to do it so they all download in a steady stream or all at once. The ones I had were in zips files and you just extract them to BB directory.

    I take any help or advice on this and maybe someone hear has the tunes in zip format like I did. I still have some and willing to share those.


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    Without a link to the page in question (to see the structure of pages and links on the site you're looking to download from) it's hard to say what the best way would be.

    Here's a link to a page where you can download several .zip files containing over a 1000 tunes in BIAB format:
    Just Chords: BiaB Resources

    I believe I've got a bunch of .zip files somewhere on my hard drives -
    Hope this helps and does what you need, if not I can search my stash of educational material, backing tracks etc. to see if I can't find those .zip files

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    I found this praise the Lord they are out there.

    Index of /wesleydick/zips (mountifield.org)