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    Does anyone know of a video recorder program/app that has some audio controls built in?

    I can get decent video with the 'camera' app that comes with Windows. And the audio from my interface comes through, so I can record a video of me playing with a mic'd amp for audio. So for simple videos for my teacher etc, I don't have to use Reaper to sync audio/video from the 2 separate sources. Essentially like using a camera phone but with a computer camera instead.

    But I can only control the audio from the interface itself, and I have to do a bunch of test runs, listen back, and make slight preamp adjustments to dial it in.

    So does anyone know of another video recording program that does what I want? I don't need full mixing, plugins etc. Just some level controls would be helpful.


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    I use Movavi video editor plus.It has easy editing of audio-normalize,eq.,volume control etc.