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    Hi all.

    I'm a long time BIAB user but only recently have tried to record audio over the backing tracks. The short story is that I can't get the BIAB input VU meter to respond to a signal and, sure enough, no audio is recorded even though the mixer shows that an audio track has been created after my attempted recording- albeit an empty one.

    The longer story is that it appears I have all the audio devices configured correctly. The problem occurs regardless of the input device chosen.

    I go into BIAB >Audio > Record Audio and set the audio devices appropriately (either built-in mic or my outboard Onyx Blackjack USB recording interface).

    I also confirm these settings in BIAB > Options > CoreMIDI Audio Midi Setup where you can also point to the correct audio devices.

    And when I go into the MacOS System Preferences > Sound I confirm the correct audio devices are pointed to there as well. And while there I see that the input meter DOES respond to the input device I've pointed to.

    I then go into LogicPro with those same settings for the audio devices and everything records great - first time, every time - with either input device as long as I've pointed to it.

    In my experimentation I have gotten BIAB to record successfully twice - out of about 50 tries. Don't ask me what was different about those two times, I don't know.

    I'm running BIAB 2019 for the Mac with the latest BIAB updates. My MacOS is Catalina 10.15.5. I have no other BIAB glitches. I currently export the BIAB backing tracks to Logic Pro and add my audio track there but it's less convenient than if I could do it in BIAB.

    Can anyone think of something I may have missed in my audio configuration?


    - Rob


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    Hi all.

    I got my question answered on another forum and thought I would post the solution here in case someone has the same problem

    You have to go into the iMac | System Preferences | Security & Privacy | Privacy | Microphone and make sure that Band In A Box is listed there and that IT'S BOX IS CHECKED.

    Who knew?

    - Rob