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    Hi there!

    I recently found out this app for iPad and iPhone: Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. The best Play-along & Tonal Harmony App for iOS & macOS

    I was wandering if anyone have any experience with it, and if you guys know if it has the ability to compose in odd time signatures (5/4, 7/4, ...). The app sounds amazing but I would like to know if this feature is available before buying it.



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    It's got an appalling backing track function that sounds like absolute shite. You can't just enter chords, but instead have to find them on this uber clever visualization that works for tonal jazz standards but nothing else. And you have to learn how that visualization works for it to be useful. Yet another piece of useless software that's supposed to help but just wastes your time with even more learning someone elses clever systems instead of working stuff out yourself and learn for real. It might be useful for teachers that want to be able to drown their students in boring excercises since it has a function that can take 8 bars and make into a 12 key exercise. Biggest disappointment ever. And it's slow bloatware.

    The only useful feature are the real books with some bracket analysis that you can print out, if you need help with analyzing the chord progressions in a standard. I think you could get them separately instead and bypass the software.

    And to answer your question, no, it is not a tool to compose anything, rather it manages to drain any creative energy you might have.