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    With a new update to Capo! for iOS, I'm noticing that it is slower accessing iCloud Drive, and more bothersome, it does not keep the iPad "awake" while playing. The tablet goes to sleep after a minute or so. It keeps playing, but you cannot see the scrolling music display and if you want to stop and start over you have to authenticate with the iPad.

    This was the result of an update today (Wednesday Nov. 18). Anyone else see this?


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    weird, for me it never kept the ipad awake. Always have to change the settings of the ipad. I agree it's annoying.

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    Hey lawson, I think you should give https://supermegaultragroovy.com/ a short feedback. Something has changed and the now missing functionality (suppress sleep) is one of those examples that are notoriously hard to test with automated unit tests!

    Another topic: I just read Chris Liscio´s articles about the new neural network chord detection engine (https://supermegaultragroovy.com/archive/). I am wondering wether this is now ready to detect jazz chords too. In the past I tried Capo to find out that this feature might work for simple pop songs but for jazz it looked more like a random chord generator. Same with the automatic measure detection.

    Maybe I should start another try but when I understood it correctly this feature is only available in subscription mode, sigh.

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    So I e-mailed the company and had a response back in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

    The settings has a toggle for turning sleep mode on or off. Problem solved.

    I'm still in shock from getting a personal e-mail back in less than an hour.

    Now I want to buy something else from them.

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    Oh great, didnt realise that was possible. Thanks Lawson!
    You should try emailing nik @ ceriatone. Best communication I ever had with a company.