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    I have an HP laptop with built in camera (works fine) and I also have a USB audio interface. My DAW is Reaper.

    How do I put it all together to make a guitar video for sharing on YT or FB? Do I need some additional video software to make it work?

    I'd like to make a video of me playing live over a backing track that I've pre-recorded in Reaper.

    I'm just not knowledgeable at all on all things video.

    All suggestions appreciated......


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    Yeah, I use Cyberlink PowerDirector. You should Google best video editing programs. If you buy it I'll walk you through what you need to do, it's pretty darned easy.

    In a nutshell you import your video track and audio track. If your video track also has audio with it (like from a cell phone) you simply suppress it with one click. It's best to hit a loud chord or something and make a big motion a few seconds before you start your performance. Then all you have to do is visually line up the big spike that you'll see on the wave forms for both tracks by sliding one of the tracks forwards or backwards until they align. It's very easy to align them to the point that the human eye is unable to detect imperfection while watching and listening to the video.

    Then you export to MP4 or other chosen format (if I recall). I use MP4.

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    Edit - best video editing software is what I meant.

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    Reaper is a video editor program.

    How I use it. I record video with my smart phone while also recording audio into Reaper (the smart phone will pick up audio also). Move the video from the smart phone into your computer. Drag the video from your hard drive into reaper thereby creating a new track. You'll see audio on this video track, visually line up the audio of the video track with your audio track. Mute the audio on the video track. Do a time selection of the part of the project you want to render. Go to render and select video in the format drop down window.

    Here is a tutorial that covers most of this.

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    Sounds about right...