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    Just been messing with importing the BIAB plug in directly into Reaper. It opens a window inside Reaper that acts like the BIAB home screen where you can type in your chords, pick a style and render the real tracks onto separate Reaper tracks. You can also import already existing BIAB files and do the same thing. I think this is part of BIAB starting with the 2019 version. Several good videos on the PG Music website on setting it up - fairly simple - if I can do it in 5 minutes, it's real simple.


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    I haven't made friends with actually using the BIAB VST interface in Reaper to build tracks, so I still build everything in the main program and just use the VST to import, compile and distribute tracks.


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    Interesting idea. I assume that it would be possible to get all the Real Book charts (which are available for BIAB) into Reaper, with each instrument being an individual track. Then you could play along and record yourself into the RB song.

    To hijack the thread a bit ...

    I haven't done it with BIAB, but I have saved IRealPro charts and loaded them into Reaper. That works fine, but IRealPro doesn't have melody.

    I also have done it with Musescore. The chart loads fine in Reaper. I've used it as the first step in a recording project, to provide a backing track. The issue there is that you have to write out every note.

    I haven't tried, and should, to get the IRealPro drum track into Musescore or Reaper and then add the rest of my Musescore tracks.

    Apparently, it would work to say, write an original bossa. Write out the melody in Musescore. Put the chords into Irealpro and select a Bossa style.

    Export the melody from Musescore and the backing from Irealpro -- both into Reaper. There would probably be a wave-form misalignment (Musescore exports mp3 with 40ms or so of dead space up front). Given that everything is generated electronically and is mathematically correct, sliding the wave forms to align them wouldn't be difficult. (With live tracks, it's hard to figure out exactly where to put them).

    That would create a pretty good backing track. You could improve it by importing drum loops and killing the IRealpro drums.

    You could also export from IrealPro to Reaper and edit the comping and bass line. And then go into Reaper.

    Or, maybe, midi versions of Realbook tunes, are already available.
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