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    Hi, in the below thread, kris says "I played Antonio Sanchez nylon strings guitar and rest of the parts were generated by Band in the Box software". Given the quality and live feel of the track (just listen to it), I asked him how long it took him to program the whole thing but haven't heard back yet.

    I currently use musescore to write basic demo quality drum parts, strings etc, but this is something else, so I'm seriously considering a hardware upgrade and purchasing this software.

    My question is, how much tweaking is involved here in BIAB to get this kind of quality? If it's able to auto-generate (a lot of) this stuff, my mind is completely boggled.


    Untitled Bossa


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That's beautiful Kris.

    Peter, Kris is very skilled at recording. There is a video from some time ago where he demonstrated creating a drum track for a fusion tune which was impressive. I believe I've also seen some other educational recording videos from Kris.

    Listening to the track, I would say it wasn't very much work to get the BIAB tracks. Enter the chords, choose a tempo, choose a real tracks style, and you're done with the BIAB part. Then download the individual tracks and place them in your DAW software, do some mixing to glue them together with your own tracks (what I'd do, is put some high pass eq on every track, send all tracks including the played nylon guitar to a reverb buss, and add some overall mastering type eq and light compression on the master track). And that's about it.

    And BIAB does auto-generate that stuff, be mind boggled. Studio musicians play a particular style over a long chord chart that covers all sorts of chords. The software takes that and slices and dices it to fit the chords you enter. So those are not midi files that create that, the source is the studio musicians wave files. (Only true of the "real tracks")

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    Thanks for that Fep. As I'm often in the habit of inserting a measure in a different time signature, I did a quick web search: possibly doable but, rabbit hoooooole ...... Initially, anyway.

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    Hey Peter, Band in a Box is quite capable of switching to other meters temporarily, but the discussion about odd meters is complex...

    on the other hand, I still use Biab with MIDI styles, no audiotracks, don’t like them much. But, I do use good plugins (Biab out to free virtual midi cable loopBe, then Kontakt with loopBe as input) and good Midi styles. Works really good, I think,

    have a listen...