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    I find it challenging to get the levels and EQ right when recording direct to computer. On my phone this sounds OK enough, but streamed to my TV the bass is unclear and maybe too loud.

    I'm used to making cellphone videos, but now I've got this Focusrite interface and Reaper software. I'm using the direct out of the Tonemaster amp into the Focusrite then USB to the computer. I lowered the gain on the "low shelf", if I'm recalling the name correctly, in Reaper. That helped a bit with the bass.

    All that to say is anyone has any advice on how to best use this recording chain, I'm listening!


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    Now that sounds good on my studio monitors and is some really good playing.

    This is a common problem... Sounds good in the studio but not in your car or tv.

    I have a Samsung tv that hypes the low frequencies and my mixes often sound bad on the TV, and if I turn the volume up on the TV I'll get the speakers "farting out" on the low notes.

    It becomes an issue of what system are you mixing for and having to compromise if you want it to sound good across various systems.

    First thing I'd do is loop a bit of your tune that has some of the louder low note bits and sweep a high pass filter. That is listen while moving the frequency slider up until you hear the tone of the bass changing, at a minimum you want to be just a hair short of that point which will reduce the low end that you are not even hearing. That may help.

    However that will probably not be enough low end cut. At this point you can sweep some more which will start reducing the volume of the fundamental frequency. Also play with the slope of the curve on the high pass filter, that is the "Bandwidth" slider. You'll have to listen how it sounds on your TV to see if you got the desired cleaning up of the bass. If you have Reaper on a Laptop with an HDMI output, you can connect the laptop to the TV and mix while hearing it on the TV speakers. (Otherwise you have to render it and upload it to something like youtube so you can hear it on the TV and keep listening back and forth, time consuming and tedious.)

    (Edit: If only loud low notes here and there are causing the problem, I would use the Reaper multiband compressor, ReaXcomp, to tame just the louder low notes.)
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    Just to add this... This is the EQ plugin that comes with Reaper. Note that this plugin shows you visually the frequency information and you can see the low fundamental. Also 110 hz is the open A string, 83 hz is the low E string.
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    Frank... thanks so very much!

    I mixed with phones but have a pair of monitors arriving the week.