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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been using an iRig HD2 for the last few months with my iPhone to be able to record better quality audio with the iOS Camera App and when live streaming. This device allows you to plug a 1/4" input into the interface which plugs into the lightning port of the phone, instead of the audio jack in cheaper/older version. I cannot comment on its use as an effects unit as I only use this for recording purposes. I use the Amplitube CS app only because it has a background monitoring feature. I do notice a bit of latency but not enough to significantly affect the use of this device in a negative fashion.

    The portability of this device is very convenient. With the city of Nice opening back up, I can walk around the city with my guitar and throw my iRig into my gig bag and find a nice play to record. The recording below was taken at one of the many beaches in Nice around sunset.

    The audio quality is pretty close to the Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 that I used to own and used with my old 2010 White Macbook.

    I have two methods of recording videos on my iPhone using this device. First is to run a Tech 21 Blonde V1 pedal in my Roland Microcube to add reverb and then use the headphone output into the iRig HD2. The other method is to record audio with the same method without the Micro cube and sometimes without the Tech 21 preamp so I can put the video file into iMovie on my Mac, detach the audio and edit it in protools and reattached it in iMovie.

    This is extremely useful for live streaming. My current set up that goes into the iRig HD2 input is the Tech 21 preamp going into the main input of a Roland Microcube and a cheap microphone plugged into the Aux in.

    My only complaints about this device is that it can be noisy if you have bad outlet anywhere in your signal chain. Also, if your phone battery is aged, this will limit the duration of time you can use this device as there is no port that will allow you to charge your phone while using the iRig HD2.

    Here is a demo if me recording a solo guitar version of "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys using my Ibanez Artcore AF71F (all stock) that was recorded outdoors on one of the many beaches in Nice France. I added reverb in post production for this video.

    The majority of the recent videos on both my youtube and Instagram channel use this device. I highly recommend this for the price. The convenience to record wherever and whenever is great and the ability to turn your phone into a broadcasting device is very useful in the day and age we live in now. 8/10.


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    The iRig HD2 is also upgradable. When the lightning jack was replaced by USB-c on the iPad Pro it was easy and cheap to replace the connection cable. Easy to use in an effects loop to add iOS fx to a signal.

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    That sounds really good.


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    So, you can also use it as a practice amp, using just the device and your phone?

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    Nice writeup.

    I haven't used the iRig in quite awhile--haven't upgraded to iRig HD2 yet. It is pretty cool for what it does.

    A couple of other can use your phone's bluetooth to connect to a bluetooth speaker. In the past latency was a minor issue, not sure how this plays out with the current hardware though. So with just your phone, the iRig device and a small bluetooth speaker you can actually busk or play before a small audience.

    Also you can play backing tracks in the background for either practice or even gigging. I used to play tracks from the iRealbook and solo over it using the Amplitube amp. It certainly sounded OK for practice, and the amp models and effects are not too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeontheguitar
    So, you can also use it as a practice amp, using just the device and your phone?
    you’ll need headphones or other way of hearing it. The iPhone will need an amp simulator though I frequently just go in and out of a software mixer if the guitar is pleasant enough sounding on its own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx
    The iPhone will need an amp simulator
    I understood you get that simulator with the iRig (a dedicated app I guess).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeontheguitar
    I understood you get that simulator with the iRig (a dedicated app I guess).
    It’s been a couple of years since I bought it. Since it’s an IK MultiMedia product it probably comes with one of the Amplitubes. There are others that I prefer.

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    This device does work as a practice amp. You can use AmpliTube to run guitar signal in the background and play music from the music app in iOS at the same time. There is a tiny bit of latency with this device, but I think it’s part to do with the fact I’m using a 2015 era iPhone 6s.

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    Solo Gig Setup : guitar>Apogee JAM>iPad pro> Mackie Freeplay

    This is the rig I have dreamed up and if anyone here has actually tried this and lived to tell about it then please do ! My idea behind this is my quest for finding the simplest setup-solution for my solo gigs where I have a monitor (probably the Mackie Freeplay Live) beside me on the floor, my iPad on a stand up front and the guitar plugged into the JAM for the amp modeler in the Garage Band app. That way I could still play the backing tracks on the iPad, jam along and/or see the sheet music on the iPad stored in the ForScore app .... the primary goal is to have as little gear/cables/etc. as possible.
    Anyone here tried this before, am I missing something important or might this actually work out the way I described ? I cannot simply go to a store and try it out, such a place does not exist here ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjang1993
    Hi Everyone, ...I have been using an iRig HD2 for the last few months ...
    I remember I spent a few months with one unit ... the quality is overall good, but I just couldn't stand the noise ... maybe it was my unit? ... but in the end I replaced it with an Audient ID4 and the noise was all gone ... with the iRigHD2 I tried everything possible, from different guitars, pickups, cables ... before the iRig I had the old Apogee Jam , also noisy in my opinion. I guess that device format doesn't like me!