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    My wife has an iPad, my daughter has a Windows laptop a touchscreen capability, And I have a couple of Windows laptops without touchscreen capability. I need something for more effectively "turning pages", maybe some editing /combining charts etc.

    I'll confess to completely being stuck in the 20th century on this one. I still usepaper charts extensively, but I'm not usually printing them on a HOME printer. Anyway, COVID is kind of forcing me into the 21st-century in this category I guess.

    Recommendations appreciated.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    For charts that you can get into .pdf format, I like Fakebook Pro for Android. It accepts any .pdf file, and has pagination. I have an ancient actual Android tablet somewhere, but I've been using my Pixelbook for everything for a long time. It runs ChromeOS, but also runs Android apps natively, as well as Linux programs. It has a touchscreen and folds back completely to work as a tablet. They aren't cheap, but it's a quality product. An Android tablet is cheaper, and will probably suffice for your needs. I have no current experience with tablets, so no specific recommendations. I can't think of anything better than the Pixelbook for everyday use though.

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    I use UnrealBook on the iPad and I've been quite happy with that for almost 10 years. If you use an iPad Pro, it's really like having sheet music in front of you. It can be combined with a Bluetooth foot controller for turning pages without needing to use your hands. Multiple instances across different devices can be synced to turn pages together. Also, you can create set lists, deal with multi page PDF's like fake books, etc. It has some markup capacity but you can't actually edit sheet music.

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    ForScore is also a good option for your purpose. iRealbook allows you to write your own charts or add intros and outros to the charts provided, as well as one-button key-changing, and will play back the charts with a rhythm section, somewhat industrial but useful for practice. Lots of good stuff out there.