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    G'day friends,
    I have the Ireal Pro app for accessing tunes and chord charts,but it's on our phone/tablet device,which I find difficult to use ..Is there any way to get IrealPro to work on the home computer ? Windows 10 .
    If anyone knows of a better idea for accessing chord charts /lyrics of Jazz Standards on the computer could they let me know please ? If there's a cost we don't mind.
    Best regards from OZ .. Charlie.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    This is one way to do it according to the iReal pro website:

    You are being redirected...

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    Thanks Graham.. I tried that MEmu thing and the virus protector kicked in and said it was a danger to my computer ...

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    I tried to do a similar problem thing with bluestacks android gadget
    on my PC a few years ago .....

    toooo sloooow ...... Didn't function well
    but that was a long time ago

    bon chance

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    Alternatively google the fake books e.g. ‘557 Jazz Standards’ and download the pdf to your PC.

    The ‘old’ real books are also out there somewhere as pdfs, I think I found them on a French website.

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    Swiss site, written in French Swiss Speak
    Of course, this doesn't offer the all the features of irealpro, play, transpose, etc ..

    Partitions gratuites. Real Book - Volume 1, 2, 3(C, Eb, Bb)

    There is also a site containing most Realbook tunes in BIAB format
    Just Chords: BiaB Resources

    Both are free

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    The 557 Jazz Standards is pretty good ... thanks Graham ..

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    I like the IReal Pro ... I'll keep looking for a way to get it to mt PC .. thanks friends ..