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    I'm sure this has been answered already but I couldn't see it & for some reason the internet tells me ireal's site is not available -tried different browsers so....

    Anyone tell me how to get the app to play more than one chorus of a tune before transposing it - I'm trying to get it to play 3 choruses of a tune in the original key & then keep transposing up a fourth until I get back to where I started / decide to give up the guitar ....


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    I don’t think you can change it. The help page says it changes at each repetition which I assume means each chorus.

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    Yeah, saw that - I guess I'll just have to write 3 verses of the tune...or put a repeat sign at the end & see if it'll play twice before transposing...thanks for the reply...

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    Or just transpose it manually after each set of 3 choruses, not such a big deal really.