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    Hello. I’m having a problem recording.

    So I hooked up my computer and put a microphone in front of my amp and plugged them both in to a mixer. Ran the signal out from the mixer into an iRig which were connected to my iPad. To my surprise it sounded extremely good while recording myself over a backing track.

    Took a break and came back, now everything sounds awful. There is hardly any signal coming in at all, neither from the mic or the playback from the computer and it sounds really bad. I did not change anything.

    Any suggestions from the more experienced recording folks in the forum?

    (Edit The backing track is from the computer and the guitar is recorded with the mic, both going in to separate channels on the mixer, just to be clear)


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    Disconnect, reboot both, reconnect is my usual approach to gremlins like that.

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    If both the guitar and the backing track sound weak/bad, the problem lies further along the chain... in the mixer, iRig, or iPad. I'd start by plugging headphones into the mixer. If it sounds bad there, something is wrong in the mixer. If it sounds good, something is wrong further along, in the iRig or iPad. Also check that all cables are making good connections. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did as suggested and the problem seems to be the iRig. This is without a doubt the most problematic and useless piece of gear I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned a lot of bad gear).

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    I have the iRig HD 2 which connects via the MFI, lightning slot, and is a very good bit of kit. The original iRig connects through the headphone jack and is prone to crosstalk from the microphone. It is garbage and should be disposed of as such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx View Post
    It is garbage and should be disposed of as such.
    Haha, great comment!

    I did manage to find a work around by connecting through my amp external output in to the mixer instead of using the mic. Sounds like crap, though. The mic is great and built for guitar sounds, so I’ll need to be getting something else.

    Any suggestions for a good, easy to use audio interface with xlr-inputs?

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    I no longer use a desktop for music. iPad only. When mobility is not needed a Focusrite iTrack Dock with one XLR along with instrument or line level, total two inputs, with MIDI USB serves my needs.