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    What is the best AI to use with Reaper.


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    I think you mean audio interface, never seen it abbreviated as AI, those letters are already taken.

    For me your question is really what is the best audio interface? It really has nothing to do with Reaper. I use this because it's reasonable priced, it has four inputs, has direct monitoring, has xlr, trs, and rca outputs, and got good reviews.

    You want to determine how many inputs you want. I use four because I want everything setup and ready to go, 1) vocal mic, 2) mic on guitar amp 3) mic on bass amp and 4) direct box.

    Direct monitoring is important to me as I don't have to deal with latency when recording.

    (I do use Reaper)

    If you do mean artificial inteligence, Band In A Box works well with Reaper.

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    This looks like a good AI to use with a Reaper:

    Drones Can Defeat Humans Using Artificial Intelligence

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    Thank you Fep. I did mean audio interface. I'm sorry for the confusion and I appreciate the advice.
    I was actually looking at the Behringer just yesterday and was very impressed with what I read.
    Thank you again for your time and response.

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    I can confirm these two;

    Steinberg UR22mkII USB 2.0 Audio Interface | Guitar Center

    PreSonus AudioBox iOne | Guitar Center

    I don't know about Reaper but I'd think it's flexible with AI's.

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    Thank you Stevebol.

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    I have this one:

    and I use Reaper all the time, works well, and $40. However....I've heard of compatibility issues with other stuff (not experienced myself tho). I like the Steinburg recommended above and have heard their drivers are much better. And like fep mentioned, you need to consider how many inputs you need as well.

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    Thank you Bahnzo. I appreciate you time.

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    Behringer UMC404HD – Thomann UK
    Reaper and AI-umc-jpg

    Works perfectly with Reaper.

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    This was one of the videos I checked out before I bought the Behringer u-phoria. Note, that he mentions you don't need a driver... that appears to only be true for a Mac. On my PC I had to go to the berhinger site and download a driver. Not a problem, just like you have to for other audio interfaces.

    I've had this for 10 months, record a lot as in multiple times a week, never had a problem with it. They use to be under $100, I got mine for $99.99 . It looks like the price has gone up a little, perhaps new tariffs? Or their popularity?

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    FYI, the lower end Behringers do not seem to have true balanced 1/4" outputs (even though they say to use TRS cables). This may or may not matter to you.

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    If your budget is a little higher you might want to check out the MOTU Ultralight AVB interface. Routing is great. The AVB interface lets you control the unit from any browser you have on your network.

    I play in a duo. My playing partner brings along a small router and we use it as a live mixer for gigs as well. She can walk around the room and set the levels using a windows tablet.

    It's been a while since I have looked but I think you will find some of the lower end units do not give you complete control of your interface from the computer.

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    In addition to some of the other good suggestions, you might want to take a look at the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. Nice quality, dependable product with decent mic pres.

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    Thank you Don Esteban.

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    Thank you Fep

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    Thank you Zdub

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    Thank you DaneilleOM

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    Thank you Strumcat

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    I use universal audio Apollo USB with reaper. It's pricey but the plug-ins are some of the best out there and zero latency. Reaper is super easy-to-use I was literally recording with backing tracks in ten minutes.

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    Thank you No Disclaimer.