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    I have iReal on two ipads, one an obsolete model that it still works fine on. It’s also on my iphone. They automatically sync, so I can edit on any of them. It’s handy for jams or practice to have all my chord charts and the ability to play backup tracks on my phone. Since they are all on the same itunes account I only had to pay for one license.


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    I'm pretty new to creating chord sheets, but I'm currently using ForteNotation software. It is easy and user-friendly. I tried a free version first (I always find this possibility to be convenient) and then bought a basic edition (for those who new to sheet music). What I like most of all is that I can add voices or staves without having to start from scratch, and save my score as a PDF or print out my paper. But it is good to know other good tools. Thanks for sharing your experience!
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