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    I've searched for a looper that would have a certain function-

    record something, then that something gets played back, while you play on top of it, that new stuff gets recorded, the material from 2 loops back gets cleared, so you end up with constant "evolution".. switching the loops all the time automatically, no button pressing needed.

    I know it's messy explanation. Here is a simple way to put it:


    So, I'd rather like to use a w10 app for this or some web app, whatever. I tried a few but didn't find one with this option. Maybe can recommend a stompbox also if you know something like that?



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    from what you are describing A Looper with auto delete isn't Made. I don't know about a App that could do it either. Mabie a Daw would using Macro commands. Or you could use Multiple Looper pedals But you will still need to press the stop switch to get one to turn the loop off

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    I think what you are describing is a delay pedal with the delay set very long.
    ...On second thought, but maybe not. Delay pedals generally require the delay time to be set before you start playing, but I think you want to be able to stomp on the pedal to start the delayed track at the right time.

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    It kinda would be like long delay yes. Good idea.

    It's weird that this is not around as an option for loopers.

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    I use Quantiloop on an iPad. You can tell it how many bars to record at a desired tempo then have it automatically switch to playback and overwrite or start a new loop. I do use a Bluetooth foot pedal with it. It can do far more than the simple lay down some rhythm and jam I use it for.

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    I have Android

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    ReaDelay in Reaper is perfect for that. Thanks for the idea.

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    For anyone who has done no workouts with this method, gosh you're missing out bigtime!

    That's one of those "whytf haven't I done this sooner?!?!?!" moment.

    It takes 5 minutes to set up Reaper, 20 seconds to setup the ReaDelay, set the metronome to your tastes, mark the region for the length of your loop (because the program stops at some point), push the loop button so it goes green and done. Enjoy!
    A helpful hint also: when you want to start over - stop the playback, push play and stop once again to reset the delay.

    Here's all you got to do in the ReaDelay settings:
    Looper (app, stompbox?) for practice.-reaperlooper-jpg

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    the TC Electronic's Ditto X4 has a Decay-Knob, which defines the volume of the recorded loop (so fully clockwise, the loop is the same volume like the original and always will be, if you decrease it, the volume will become less with every overdub you record (and then vanish)). You should check it out, maybe fully counterclockwise, it does what you're looking for.
    The Pigtronix Infity Looper has the same feature.
    Maybe you find your answer somewhere in those manuals or on YouTube.